Car Seat for Kids - This & That but which is the right one for your little one?

If you’re just about to embark on this whole parenthood thing and have suddenly realised that you need a baby seat for your car, we have all that you need to know right here.

Don’t even think about just carrying a baby in your arms in a moving car. 
A child can be thrown forward with a sudden jerk, even at a slow speed.
The force which acts on the child is many times that of his body weight.

Not only is having an unrestrained baby or toddler in a vehicle extremely dangerous, it is also ILLEGAL in Singapore.


There are so many types of car seat in Singapore in terms of colors and design but which is the right one for your child and suitable to use for your car too?

Children grow really fast and finding the right one within your budget and need is very important as a car seat is an essential for your little one to travel around.


When a child sits in a car seat, they wear its five-point harness as their restraint. 
A child on a booster seat uses the vehicle's seat belt across them (like an adult does) as their restraint.
Many car seats with harnesses can later be turned into a booster.


Now that you read up on our booster seats, 
You may be wondering what is ISOFIX? 

Now , if you want something that is suitable for your newborn ..

Now , what is good about rotating car seat?

One of the main benefits of a rotating car seat is that it makes it more comfortable for you when taking your baby in and out of the car, by having the ability to swivel it around to the car door.
This saves having to awkwardly bend over a seat to try to unstrap and lift them out.


Now , built and designed in mind for the bigger kids, we have 3 models but which is the one that is suitable for you?


Buckle Up Every Age, Every Seat, Every Trip. 
Always buckling children in age- and size-appropriate car seats, booster seats, and seat belts reduces serious and fatal injuries by up to 80%. 
















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