Bali Family Fun Guide: Top Spots Every Kid Must Visit!

Planning a family trip to Bali but worried that your little ones are too young for beach activities, water sports, or hiking? Haha that was me, but fear not! Bali still has plenty of hidden gems that offer unique experiences for families with young children.

1. Bali Butterfly Park is a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of butterflies and insects. It offers a tranquil environment where kids can learn about various species of butterflies and witness their life cycle from caterpillar to butterfly. The park's lush gardens and vibrant flowers provide a beautiful backdrop for a leisurely family stroll. We visited during noon time and found it pleasantly cool due to the abundant leaf coverage that shades the entire garden.

2. Cocoa Land Bali a delightful chocolate factory where children can immerse themselves in the world of cocoa. They will learn how cocoa beans are harvested, processed, and transformed into delicious chocolate. The highlight is the hands-on experience where kids can mold their own chocolate creations to take home and enjoy. In addition to the chocolate-making experience, Cocoa Land Bali features a flying fox and a decent playground for kids to play. There's also a cafe on-site where you can enjoy meals and snacks, with food prices around SGD $2.

3. Bali Sea Turtle Society is committed to the conservation of sea turtles. Families can visit their center to learn about the life cycle and conservation efforts of these magnificent creatures. One of the most exciting activities is participating in the release of baby turtles into the ocean, a truly unforgettable experience for kids.

4. Sunrise and Dolphin Watching in Lovina located on Bali's north coast, is famous for its serene waters and spectacular sunrises. Families can embark on an early morning boat tour to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. The experience of seeing these playful creatures against the backdrop of a rising sun is both magical and educational for children.

  • Entry Price: Boat tours cost around SGD $15 per person


5. Bali Farm House offers an authentic farm experience where kids can engage with animals and learn about traditional Balinese agriculture. They can feed animals and participate in various farm activities. 

  • Entry Price: Boat tours cost around SGD $15-$20 per person
  • Location: Bali Farm House

6. Strawberry Farm in Bedugul, families can enjoy picking fresh strawberries right off the vine. especially during the peak strawberry season from June to August. Kids will love the hands-on experience of harvesting their own fruit and tasting the sweet rewards.

  • Entry Price: Contact the farm for specific prices.
  • Location: Many Farm

7. Parklife Bali is a unique venue that offers a variety of play areas and activities for young children. Parents are allow to drop off their kids and the teachers there will keep them engage. It kind of resemble childcare centers in Singapore but it features a indoor playgrounds and a mini a splash park. 

  • Entry Price: Approximately SGD $15 per child. Adults free
  • Location: Parklife Bali

8. Wild Art Bali

Wild Art Bali combines art, creativity, and fun in one place. Families can choose from various experiences, including a selfie museum filled with interactive exhibits, cooking classes (like pasta making), and an art space for painting and crafts. The 3-in-1 package offers a great way to enjoy multiple activities in one visit.

  • Entry Price: Approximately SGD $10-$45 per person
  • Location: Wild Art Bali

9. CitraLand Waterpark is a budget-friendly alternative to some of the more famous water parks in Bali. Though smaller in size, it is designed with young children in mind, offering shallow pools, gentle slides, and plenty of areas for safe play. It’s a great spot for families to cool off and have fun without breaking the bank.

Bonus Tips

10. Watching a Movie at Galeria Cinema XXI

Take a break from the outdoor activities and enjoy a family movie at Galeria Cinema XXI. The cinema offers comfortable seating and a variety of films suitable for all ages, providing a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening.

  • Price: Approximately SGD $3.50 per person.

11. Indoor Playground at Lippo Mall Kuta

For indoor fun, visit the playground at Lippo Mall Kuta. This indoor play area is perfect for younger children to run, climb, and explore in a safe environment. 

  • Price: Approximately SGD $10 per child.


Bali is brimming with family-friendly activities that go beyond the usual beach and water sports. By exploring these, you can truly experience Bali like a local and create cherished memories with your children. Have you visited any of these spots?

Share your experiences in the comments below and let us know your favorite family-friendly places in Bali! Happy exploring and enjoy your Bali adventure!

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