Unable to breastfeed?

Breastfeeding difficulties that result in low supply which lead to a range of emotional responses. 

Mummy guilt is a real thing. It's strong and it can hurt for a long time. 

You’re exhausted and beaten.

There is no right or wrong way for you to feel about your breastfeeding experience.  No matter how you feel, please know: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Before having their baby, many women make the assumption that breastfeeding will come easily and naturally. But sometimes things don’t go to plan.  Insufficient milk supply is one of the most common reasons given for women not meeting their breastfeeding goals.

You are not a failure 

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs.  Ever. You’re making multiple judgement calls with a new baby – every hour of every day. 

When to feed, when to change, how to settle him and where he will sleep, what to have for dinner yourself, appointments to fit in, time to rest (ha!), keeping the house in some kind of liveable order and this is just in one day! It’s a constant juggling act that requires superhuman powers at the best of times!

Even if there is just one breastfeed in the day that feels enjoyable for you, try to embrace this feed as your special time with your baby.  Your breasts are usually fullest first thing in the morning and this is the feed that is often the most calm and satisfying for both mum and baby.

Remember that bonding with your baby is about more than milk

If you are feeling rejected by your baby, it is important to realise these feelings are your interpretation of your baby’s feeding behaviour, not the reality of how your baby feels about you. You know your baby better than anyone else. Your baby’s love and need for you are deep. You are your baby’s mother, no matter what. Whether your baby is fully breastfed, mix-fed or formula fed, you and your baby will always share a unique and special bond.

Your love for your baby is not measured in mL. - Amanda Donnet 

Article is credited to sources on google. 

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