Q1. How did The Dinky Shop start?
Like every business started from their parents' house. Dinky Shop was started from Leon's sister room ❤️ (which was empty cause his sister was studying overseas)

Q2. Why Dinky Shop? 
Actually, we had change many names 😂 End up settling with 'Dinky' because it means Small 

Q3. How come Korean Wet wipes? 
Korean products are well accepted in Singapore. Since we wanted to set up an online store for parents shopping baby & kids products, we decided to start with wet wipes first (because if failed, we can still use them 😆)

Q4. What do you have now? 
Today, Dinky shop covers most of the basic essentials a parent will need for their baby. From Wet wipes to Diapers, Detergent, Nursing pad/milk bags, Sanitizer, Healthy Snacks, and many more. 

Q5. What makes Dinky Shop different? 
Like every other shop, we also are trying to provide the best value! The big difference we see is the options we bring to parents. We don't manufacture our own products, we always find good products, especially from Korea (I think I'll migrate there when retiring haha) This gives our shop an advantage by having lots of varieties, which may not be found otherwise. 

Q6. Where do you see Dinky Shop in 5 years' time?
For us, we are just committed to continually deliver the BEST today! From sourcing good quality products at a great value to ensuring no late deliveries 📦 We are scaling to meet the demand as we move along!

Of course, as a company, we have bigger dreams (🤭Disclose when closer) Hopefully we will get there! Now, back to packing 💪